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Date Night Questions

I designed Date Night Questions with my husband, Hunter, as a fun side project. Much to our surprise, it gained quite a bit of traction from Reddit and Product Hunt (we ranked 3rd for the day!) so we decided to continue to add new features, make physical decks, and even develop a mobile app version (coming soon!).

​All app and branding artwork was hand-illustrated by me and is based around mystical, tarot-style cards. We wanted the app to feel modern, friendly, and a little witchy. 

​For our social media and ad graphics, I channeled a slightly moodier and romantic theme to inspire couples to use DNQ while on dates. 

Tools used: Vectornator, Illustrator, and Figma

​App and UI

The web app is best known for its fun, swipeable interactions that allow the user to smoothly move through the various question cards. This feature is available by using your finger on mobile, or by using your mouse on desktop. We intentionally kept the UI very simple so users could dive right in without needing any prior experience or learning curve.


The branding for this app was inspired by physical tarot decks and features hand-drawn illustrations that include mystical, spiritual imagery. On social media, the branding takes on a slightly moodier and more romantic theme since the primary demographic we were targeting were couples using DNQ on dates.

Physical Product

As a fun experiment, we decided to make a small batch of physical DNQ decks. These eventually ended up in boutiques across Greensboro, North Carolina and were shipped to over a dozen different states! We also made a limited edition holiday-themed deck that sold out within a week.


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