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Date Night Questions was built by my husband, Hunter, and designed by me.


As a developer/designer duo, we’ve been wanting to pair up on a project for a very long time, and this is our very first one! 


Whenever we're out on a date, we love asking each other new questions to get to know one another better. We found that our friends also enjoyed our stack of hand-written index cards, so we decided to publish them online for anyone to use.

Learn more about the branding work here.

Fluree Design by Amanda Loftis Design

As UX Director and Brand Manager for Fluree, I led the Fluree website redesign which was completed at the end of 2019. The new site was rebuilt and redesigned from the ground up to provide more brand cohesion and to more clearly walk users through the product's value prop.

In addition to redesigning the website, I also created this brand palette and new logo which are featured throughout the website. We wanted the new branding to feel inviting without coming across as overly playful.


The logo features a "snowflake" shape and that snowy/icy branding is continued throughout the color palette and naming conventions within the product.

Learn more about the branding update here:

Intersect Labs Web Design by Amanda Loft

Intersect Labs

This is a design I made for my friends at to encourage visitors to book a demo for their product. They already had some great branding colors and imagery, so I was able to use that to create a cohesive design that shared their features, user testimonials, and effective CTAs. 

See more screens here.

Plant Party by Amanda Loftis Design

I made this design to accompany a plant-watering app that I was designing. Sadly, the app was never fully completed, but you can view more of my designs and app screens here


The concept was a plant-watering reminder app that evoked the same feeling as taking care of a Tamagotchi when you were younger. Plants would look sad when it was time to water them, and would spring back to life after watering. The app would also include plant tips and facts to keep them looking healthy and happy. 

We also built a crowd-sourced database of popular plants and designed a custom watering schedule for each plant. Hopefully, we'll restart this project and finally get it in the hands of plant-lovers. 


I'm currently working on a new website design and branding for an in-progress web app called Dungeon.Group (formerly Table Of Sending). Dungeon Group is a multi-player web app that enables friends to play tabletop games, like Dungeons and Dragons, together online. 

This marketing landing page needed to show off game play and highlight critical features, such as built-in real-time video and audio and the ability to build maps. 

See more screens here.

Additional Designs

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