As UX Director and Brand Manager for Fluree, I created the new Fluree logo, icon packs, and color palette as a part of the updated Fluree Style Guide. 

See some of the custom illustrations, diagrams, and icons I've made below.  

Learn more about the branding update here.

See the Style Guide

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I am currently working with Dungeon Group to create their branding and logo prior to their launch. Dungeon Group is an online platform that allows friends to play tabletop RPGs, like Dungeons and Dragons, with friends virtually. 

I created this logo that alludes to a maze or old-school dungeon-crawler/roguelike video game. The logo can represent a player entering a maze, or a player meeting a final boss in its lair. It was also important to incorporate classic video game colors to further hint at the platform's theme. 

Explore more screens and branding elements below.