Content Writing

Whether you need help writing a cover letter or creating unique copy for your website or brand, you'll receive high-quality content designed to best suit your needs. 

Custom branding, web design, content writing, social media consulting, and brand strategy.

Creative Digital Services

Custom Web Design

Using the simplest, yet most robust hosting platform, I create custom websites using Wix. Wix is simple enough for clients to maintain their own website content after it has been created and allows for complete customization so your visions can come to life exactly as you imagine them.


Social Media Consulting

Want to increase your followers, boost engagement, or learn how to curate your content? I provide tailored and actionable social media strategy plans you can follow to achieve your goals and improve your online presence. 

Custom Branding

Interested in defining your brand through custom brand materials? I can design your logo, help you define a custom color palette that represents your brand, and help you create branded marketing materials for a variety of platforms and mediums.

SEO and Digital Presence Strategy

Once you have a live website, there's still lots to do! Get help adding your website to Google search results, setting up analytics to track traffic, and using SEO best practices to boost your digital presence.  

Custom Digital Services Tailored for Your Business

A complete digital solution

Most web designers can build a pretty website, but few know the ins-and-outs of SEO, how to write engaging copy, or how to build an effective social media strategy plan. As a professional digital content strategist and web designer, I have experience not only delivering stunning websites, but also providing a complete strategy for boosting your business' digital presence. 

No more black-box development

I believe in digital empowerment and demystifying web development. So what does that mean for you? With a custom Wix website, I'll show you exactly how your website works, how to edit your site's content, and more so you have the ability to maintain your own website once it's complete. 


Ready to start your next project? Get in touch!

What types of sites can you build?

I can build essentially any type of site you want! I have experience building e-commerce sites, portfolios, app landing sites, wedding websites, conference sites, and small business information sites. 

Which platform do you use?

I build websites on the Wix platform. Why? Wix is an empowering platform for clients that demystifies the complexities that are often associated with building a website. It's also the simplest platform for clients to learn and maintain while being incredibly robust and powerful enough to build even the most complex sites. I also provide Wix training to clients upon request so you can maintain your own site without the need for hiring another designer or a developer. 

Can you help refresh my website's design?

Of course! Just reach out and I'd be happy to either help redesign your current site, or migrate it over to the Wix platform so you can make future edits more easily on your own.  

Do you outsource your work?

Nope. I solely manage my clients and do my own work without outsourcing. This way, nothing gets "lost in translation" and you always know who to contact if you have questions or feedback.

Who owns my site when it's finished?

You do. I require design credits, however you will own your site and will have full control over your site when it's complete. You will also have the option to provide me with access to your site if you desire long-term maintenance. 

How long does it take to build a site?

Most sites take roughly 6-8 ​weeks to complete which includes several feedback cycles so you can provide input on your site's design at multiple stages before it's made live. However, depending on the project, I may be able to offer a rapid turn-around time for an additional fee. 

I just need a logo made, can you do that?

You bet! Just reach out with some info about your business and a rough idea of what you're looking for and I'd be happy to help. 

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