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As UX Director and Brand Manager for Fluree, I created the new Fluree logo, icon packs, and color palette as a part of the updated Fluree Style Guide. The Fluree Yeti serves as the brand's mascot and friendly face to walk users through the product. 

See some of the custom illustrations, materials, and icons I've made below.  

Learn more about the branding update here.

See the Style Guide

Fluree Branding

Date Night Questions

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I designed Date Night Questions with my husband, Hunter, as a fun side project. Much to our surprise, it gained quite a bit of traction from Reddit and Product Hunt so we decided to continue to add new features, make physical decks, and even develop a mobile app version (coming soon!).

All app and branding artwork was hand-illustrated by me and is based around mystical, tarot-style cards. We wanted the app to feel modern, friendly, and a little witchy. 

For our social media and ad graphics, we channeled a slightly moodier and romantic theme to inspire couples to use DNQ while on dates. 

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Amanda Loftis Design

Ranger Drew 

Drew Grice is a park ranger and avid gamer who wanted some custom assets for his Twitch channel. I leaned into the park ranger theme and his love for flamingos to create some campground-inspired backgrounds. 

For his "Be Right Back" and "Coming Soon" statuses, I also made animated versions of the backgrounds to keep viewers engaged while they wait for the stream to begin. 

Tools used: Procreate, iPad Pro, Photoshop

Ranger Drew Twitch Channel